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What is Christian education? Find out our answer here.

what is Christian education

What is Christian education and what is its purpose in our life? In order to understand what is Christian education, first of all we should find the roots. Education comes from the Latin "educare" which means to train or to educate, that also entails two other Latin words e and duco, meaning to lead out something of a person. For the question what is Christian education, we may define it as a discipline with humanitarian aspect which teaches people about God and Christian life and develops those individual features given by God to each of us along with general virtues and knowledge to be transmitted from God to humans.

What is Christian education for every person individually? For the answer you need to study your faith and inner world and of course listen to the word of God. Education in general is a relative notion, what may seem knowledge and manner for one may become misunderstanding for the other. What is Christian education has been promoted and explained to people for centuries, although till nowadays there are many in ignorance.

In utopia there should exist an ideal triangular connection between parents, church and school: Church teaches Biblical theory and truth, which forms the theological basis of family and schools and has the answers to what is Christian education. It encourages parents to give education and raise their children upon Biblical responsibility and morals, it always supports education. So, we affirm to the question what is Christian education that it is a teaching religion that has Jesus Christ as the teacher. Christian education supposes that Christ is central in education. As a result, our educational theory, tools, and methods should be built upon Christ as their cornerstone.

What is Christian education in reality? Does it represent only the belief in God or is it more than that? Actually it is a whole system of principles, methods, teachings and practices through which Bible promotes the Word of Lord and centers Jesus Christ as the Savior and the main teacher. It represents an education opposed to criminality and nowadays stereotypes of life. In reality what is Christian education you are able to find out for yourself in school, church and even family because it is the day after day life with the faith in God and Christ and living within the norms established in Scripture.

To the question what is Christian education many of you may affirm that it is a propaganda managed by churches in order to get more and more finances but again education it's not about church and Bible, it is also our own morals and principles. So, what is Christian education for you personally?

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