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National library of medicine. Get our information about it.

national library of medicine

Among the huge array of libraries the US National library of medicine is of particular importance being the largest medical library in the world. With its headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland the National library of medicine became an inseparable and natural component of the National Institutes of Health as well as health protection system as a whole.

National library of medicine is a golden bridge linking the achievements of theory with medical practice. Men of science, doctors, and large public may enjoy numerous rich resources and services of the National library of medicine possessing millions of books, manuscripts, journals and informative materials. The simple acquaintance with all these treasures transforms the study and research work into an unforgettable experience of joy and pleasure.

The mission of the National library of medicine

National library of medicine realizes its noble mission of promoting educational as well as research activity in all spheres of medicine and biology, improving public health and health protection, and encouraging healthy way of life. The library possesses difficult-to-overestimate experience in collecting, systematizing, protecting, and storing medical literature. The institution offers unrestricted access to immense resources of information in the country and all over the world. All branches of ancient and modern medicine, health services, environmental health, genetics, molecular biology, toxicology are covered and reflected in the tremendous amounts of books and other kinds of literature able to satisfy any sophisticated and exigent reader or researcher. The library itself is successfully carrying out research, funding, and developmental activity in all areas of medical and biological informatics and communications.

Electronic projects of the NLM

The library is the fortunate and successful promoter of electronic services for those who appreciate this useful approach for study and research. Investigators, researchers, physicians, and ordinary people everywhere are avid users of online information generously provided by the library to the public at large. National library of medicine offers the users the free access to Web PubMed Central containing more than 1.5 million articles together with 15 million article references and abstracts from medical journals and books. The National library of medicine also proposes Entrez search engine with free access databases in the Internet by means of PubMed.

Public education and the NLM

The library also offers wide-ranging sources of information to the general public. The main informational stream for ordinary consumers passes through the MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus embraces all-inclusive information on several hundreds health themes and grants special tutorial materials and videos on health. People may find reliable information about numerous over-the-counter and prescription medications and alternative curative approaches. National library of medicine presents also useful information on toxicology and environmental protection. The database of household products contains information about their ingredients and possible consequences for the health. Genetics Web site of the library informs the public about various genetic conditions and their health importance.

Network coverage by the NLM

National library of medicine is the main linking constituent of the huge network of medical libraries encompassing about 6000 institutions enjoying help and support of this center. This network cover includes 8 regional medical libraries, more than one hundred libraries in the system of medical schools, and thousands of libraries situated in hospitals and medical clinics.

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