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Andrew Jackson University. Get our information about it.

Andrew Jackson University

You can benefit of the most convenient Andrew Jackson University online programs! It is very flexible for you to complete your degree with tuition that won't break the bank, and you will finally receive certificate of proficiency. You are also allowed to apply for a scholarship or other grants offered by the Andrew Jackson University online! Contact your admissions representative for details.

Beside the Andrew Jackson University online, at Andrew Jackson University campus Andrew Jackson university students can expand your skills and valuable with a program developed by experienced professionals utilizing proven business principles. If Andrew Jackson University students want to become a more valuable team member for their employer, or excel at sales or sales management, these practical, Andrew Jackson University students applications-driven degree programs and certifications are for freshmen. Partial scholarships are available to special qualifying students.

Students from can log into courses 24 hours a day or seven days a week, and are free to work at their own pace. Whatever obstacles you may have keeping you from getting your degree, university of Andrew Jackson helps you overcome them.

University of Andrew Jackson faculty, it means: experienced professionals with advanced academic credentials are available to you by email within your online classroom to answer questions and provide helpful feedback.

University of Andrew Jackson stuff, it means: from your admissions representative to the registrar and student service coordinator, few colleges can claim the high level of student satisfaction university of Andrew Jackson offers.

Where is Andrew Jackson University located?

  • Andrew Jackson University located is: 2919 John Hawkins Parkway, Birmingham, Alabama 35244, United States Of America
  • Phone: (205) 871-9288
  • Phone (Mobile): (205) 451-2072
  • Email: edk@aju.edu
  • Website: aju.edu
Where is Andrew Jackson University located?
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