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Practical jokes for school. Get our information about it.

practical jokes for school

Jokes for school

Students in high schools, colleges, even in the universities can really have fun by practicing different practical jokes for school. You know life sometimes seems a kind of joke. So we always used to play some kind of jokes not only practical jokes for school.

Some well known practical jokes for school:

"The game in the circle"

The game in the circle consist of several persons gets the others to take a look at the former person's hand in the same time he is walking a circle below the farmer's waist. This is the practical jokes for school rule number one. In case they have a look back, he will be shot by the prankster. This practical jokes for school was played in 1929 for the first time.

Refresh your memory and remember about Flat foot – our favorite practical jokes for school. Yes they usually played this game in the back yard of the house while parents were not available or at school when teachers are late. My first teacher once showed up other practical jokes for school: Hertz Doughnut, trust me it is really funny, just try once and you will practice over and over again. These games are educational. Practical jokes for school are proposed sometimes to chill out students and make them have fun after lessons. We love games when victim is trodden upon, that will cause a stumble. All of us know the right answer when you are asked: "Would you like a hertz doughnut?"

There are also practical jokes for school that comes from outside of our culture. Kancho, Japanese game played in Japanese schools and recently in our high schools and colleges.

"Kick me"

"Kick me" - practical jokes for school played in Gossip girl, they used photos, running all other the street in a specific area and the person who gathers all photos, is the winner. Check out Gossip girl season 3 and you will find something new for your practical jokes for school. You know you love playing at school, especially when skipping the lesson.

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