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School pranks. Get our information about it.

school pranks

School pranks notices

Find out more school notes that can compromise you teachers. Start making your own notice that look similar, and distribute it to teachers. It is actually a really funny prank to play at school. Like tell certain teachers you hate that times have changed and that they don't have a class. They either won't show up, it is just a prank to play at school or will get confused and go ask, which will make the principal confused, which will make everyone be a little confused. There, you've successfully confused everyone. Feel are going to feel proud of that! You can take this further and make notices saying there are no pranks to play at school on a specific day.

Gay marriage It is actually organized at high schools as high school senior pranks! For example, you have a teacher whom you know to have a problem with gay people, raise your hand and ask "what is wrong with gay marriages" and causing a class discussion whatever reason. Funny high school senior pranks.

Fake love letters Choose couple teachers that you think would be most suitable for this middle school pranks, say, teacher 1st and teacher 2nd. Pick one teacher that you'd like to prank, say t1, and try to learn the handwriting style of t2. Write a love letter from t2 and put it in an envelope saying "to t1" and put it somewhere where t1 will find it without knowing where it came from. Enjoy this middle school pranks.

Dress code protest There are schools that still has a dress code protest it having everyone do something disruptive that does not violate the code, so it is a reason for funny school prank. For example, dye your hair green with food coloring and some stuff like that. Be sure it will be a funny school prank!

Free choice reports Use your "free choice" book reports for doing another funny school prank, term papers, etc. to read revolutionary literature and further the political education of you and your class.

Forward in time Pranks to play at school: you should get to class before the teacher, grab the clock in the room and set the hand forward 10 minutes. You should have someone stand outside the door and make a lot of noise if they see the teacher coming. Enjoy this prank to play at school!

Lost bag Let think about some kinds of end of school pranks, so imagine that you pretend you lost your school bag or say someone stole it. Say you can't do anything without your bag, get the teacher to let you look for it. Then stay away as long as you like, anyway it is an end of school prank, no worries!

Crying in class Choose a thing of your imagination, that can match end of school pranks, and completely skip the project then get hysterical and cry about it. The teacher will have to deal with your emotional problems before they can do anything else. Or you could say you just broke up with a girl or boyfriend and cry about that. Amazing end of school prank!

Computer problems One of the best-working best high school pranks: If you're working on a computer, make it crash or reset it and complain there's something wrong with it. Best high school prank reaction: Then the teacher could take a while to fix it, maybe they call a technician. Hem, that is amazing!

Your pants are wet Best high school prank: it really works! If you've got the nerve piss in your pants while giving an oral report.

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