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College humor. Get our information about it.

college humor

"A joke's a very serious thing."

Charles Churchill, British poet.

What real scientists think about college humor?

Scientists affirm that college humor is a peculiar kind of human co-operation resulting in laughter. College humor from scientific standpoint provokes laughter reflex in students, and not only. If you imagine that laughter is no more than a synchronized contraction of about 15 muscles of the face, and not only, you will understand the huge amount of work people of science have done to bring this fact to public at large.

The same scientists also affirm that college humor has nothing to do with the students' survival in hostile educational environment and students laugh without any clear biological reason. In any case, everybody agrees that good, healthy laughter is the best experimental test of high quality college humor. College humor may produce only beneficial reaction at all reflectory levels, including the most delicate ones. College humor shows the level of student's mental health in the same way as the special device indicates the level of radioactivity. Moreover, college humor is the main factor of creative approach to cheap and painless knowledge acquisition.

Our students are educated by the most experienced teachers

Our professor of English who recently travailed to Ireland was looking for the local library. He saw two Irishmen and wanted to ask for their help with the library. Knowing that most of Irish people had almost forgotten their mother tongue, he asked them in perfect English,"Excuse me, gentlemen. Could you tell me the way to the local library?" Irishmen gazed at him, but said nothing. Professor thought that they had also come from another country, and addressed them in German. No reply. He asked in French, but to no avail. He attempted as well Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Greek, Swedish, Finnish, Latin, Yiddish, Hindi, and Sanskrit, but all fruitlessly. Seeing that they were unable to help him, he left. Some time later one of the men said to the other,"How did you like that guy? He spoke so many languages." "But still and all, he does not know the direction to go" the other said.

How the college humor helps me to survive in hostile educational environment and afterwards

Students burning their brains and doing their best to get as much knowledge as possible from their teachers' offer sometimes are frustrated and disappointed with real life after college. As a matter of fact, you have to forget almost everything acquired and start new existence. The only thing that helps you to survive and accept this discrepancy without much detriment to your health is college humor.

Psychology of college humor

Bear in mind that only such a multifaceted mental and emotional work as college humor causes particular reflex contraction of the facial muscles, which simple people call laughter, and this phenomenon has become an enigma for all psychologists and philosophers since Plato. When you study psychology, the subject so useful for humans and even animals, laboratory becomes your home and rats, cats, and even monkeys are your bosom friends. You are almost obsessed to know what your friends' behavior would be outside laboratory and you are avid to analyze it by all possible means. How do I find my psycho-laboratory among others? The answer is as simple as day. If it smells horrible, it is chemistry. If everything is out of order and does not function, it is physics. If it is filled with rats, cats, monkeys, and humans, it is psychology! Some students and teachers think that the girls, who know psychology, are the best ones. Only a girl studying psychology can blame her guy for using her as his mother's substitute.

Does college humor exist in psychology practice?

Professor of psychology, who sincerely believes that a kiss is the union of two circular musculi oris in the conditions of mutual contraction, brilliantly completed his lecture on mental derangements and decided to test his students. Without mentioning the bipolar disorder, also known as cyclothymia, directly, he asked, "What diagnose would you think about if a patient is moving to and fro shrieking and shouting at the top of his voice some time, and then starts crying wildly the next moment?" "A football instructor" one of the students answered.

How college humor helps me to study philosophy

Philosophy for me is reading books by already non-existent guys, analyzing the ethical consequences for two people in a dormitory who think that they are alone, but as a matter of fact may be not, and so on. The question is, "Can you find any college humor here? Recently, one of the graduates decided to pay a visit to his alma mater college and met a philosophy professor who was getting a test ready for his students. "Strange is the fact, but the test is similar to that I underwent here 25 years ago! The questions remained the same. Do students know the answers to these questions nowadays?" the former student exclaimed. "Don't be afraid," professor said. "The questions remained the same, but I modified the correct answers."

Will college humor improve my knowledge of economics?

What may be more pleasant than to study economics in a class filled with graphs and charts; to know everything about supply and demand, Gross National Product, rates, and inflation. Only here you will know that in sex one side usually demands more than the other side can supply; and even a kiss is an item for which the demand surpasses the supply. Only having studied this useful science you understand that economy sucks because there are so many unemployed psychologists.

Mathematics and fair sex

Spending time analyzing only geometrical shapes and mathematical equations does not predisposes much to college humor. However, only mathematicians understand what a real love is. A physician, an attorney and a mathematician argued about the advantages of possessing a wife or a mistress. The attorney considered that it was better to have a mistress. If your wife wanted a divorce, his argument was, it could create numerous problems with law. The doctor objected that a wife was better because the sex was safer and it diminished tension, which was good for health. The mathematician concluded: "It is best to have both a wife and a mistress. When your wife suspects that you are with the mistress and the mistress considers you are with your wife, you are safe and healthy to practice some mathematics."

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