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The purpose of education. Get our information about it.

the purpose of education

"The purpose of education is to enable us to develop to the fullest that which is inside us"

Norman Cousins, prominent political journalist, author and professor

Education Purpose

Education, in general terms, may be explained as the process of acquiring data and knowledge, along with learning various forms of behavior and competency in a specific field.

The purpose of education is to cultivate human minds with values and principles that help to distinguish between wrong and right. The purpose of education though has a much broader aspect which also entails learning skill for a certain area along with achieving overall development. While life passes education never ends, so education purpose entails a continuous change in direction.

We often ask what the purpose of education is but hardly think why it is so important for each personally and within the whole community and civilization. While we grow up and become more mature we begin to realize what education purpose is in reality. We start to understand its importance only when we meet difficulties in our personal and professional development. As mentioned above education represents the process of gathering knowledge, but knowledge has no end so does education and one can never affirm that he or she knows everything.

In its basics education purpose is to teach a person how to write, read and understand that transforms him or her into a literate person. The abilities thought in primary school remain for the whole life, improving all the time the more we read and think. In this sense education purpose is to teach an individual to acquire social and professional skills that help him to interact with the society and maintain social relations. The purpose of education is to give people the tools to survive and to struggle within the society. In school, college and other educational institutions individual is a part of a whole, of the group, the same or different aged people so deriving from this point the purpose of education comes to be learning to compete with others and be the best as well as in real life, meaning at work, in business and even in relationships.

Education purpose from philosophical point of view is to teach us how to think and analyze the world around but not to tell us what to think and what to do. It aims at creating the necessary understanding for what is good and bad individually. To develop creative thinking and imagination represents the purpose of education. Eric Hofer, a well known American writer, supposes that the purpose of education is to cultivate the will and offer the tool to learn. In his opinion the purpose of education is to create individuals that are able to learn by themselves but not already learned ones because nobody is able to know everything.

From professional view the purpose of education is to help a person to gain his goals and career objectives that as a result will create conditions for economic growth and overall welfare. Knowledge builds humans with lots of resources out of illiterate individuals. The purpose of education is to offer personal and career fulfillment, so humans will tend to transmit knowledge from generation to generation into eternal improvement. Thus the purpose of education is to spread education within the existing civilization and to the oncoming ones.

The purpose of education is to create a healthy and well developed society, where the center is the educated and resourceful individual.

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